Playing with renowned and celebrated traditions of Indian workmanship and the breath-taking aura of priceless gems, every collection is conceived with great thought, developed with meticulous detail and enriched with our flair for modern artistry.

High Jewellery

Adorn yourself with designs marked with a meaningful motif by BNA that celebrates you. BNA craft-masters expend themselves at work, to help you to curate a design which speaks for your personality and brings influx of euphoria in your life. Whatever be your idea, our in-store experts promise to work closely along you; from a rough draft of the jewellery, to minuscule detail of choosing a gemstone. We promise our clientele, that every piece of jewellery curated by BNA, will be of unparalleled excellence.

Solitaire Jewellery

Enticing luminous solitaires which accentuate your ensemble and unravel a tale of beauty and poise. Solitaires that will make every occasion more memorable and cherished.

Diamond Jewellery

Make a statement with desirous necklace by BNA to flaunt your artistic taste and an eye for beauty. With pedantic hardship and vogue definition, BNA creates heirloom diamond jewellery curated for eternity and mouled with love.

Colour Stones

From Summer Yellow, To Sombre blue; From Scarlet Red, To Envy-Green; BNA offers an endless directory of colour hues in gemstones. Ideology of artisans here at BNA is to create a jewellery that compliments every aspect of your beauty.

Bridal Jewellery

Magnificent, Statement pieces for the Indian Bride who wants to feel like a royal princess on her wedding day.

Festive Jewellery

Colourful, Vibrant and Set in Rich Gold & Diamonds, our festive range is an ode to the spirit of Indian Celebration.

Wear To Work

Timeless & Exuberantly subtle, our wear-to-work range will fascinate you elusively through its stylish & sophisticated style.